Door Edge Protection Film

  • These clear, adhesive films protect door edges from chips, dings and abrasion. They require no special care and they virtually disappear when applied to the doors. Use 3M Door Edge Paint Protection Films on most cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.
  • We've all seen what regular wear and tear can do to the paint at the edge of a car door. It sometimes looks like the paint is worn off! The paint at panel edges is thinner and it needs protection to keep it in tact over the life of your vehicle. 3M Door Edge Paint Protection Films provide clear protection against rocks, door dings, abrasion, and weathering. The film strips are clear coated to resist yellowing and staining.
  • Once 3M Door Edge Paint Protection Films are applied, no special care is needed. After 24 hours, the vehicle can be washed and waxed as usual. If you ever want to remove 3M Door Edge Paint Protection Films, they peel off cleanly with no damage to the paint.

Damage at the Door Edge

Door Handle Cup Protection Film

This protection vinyl film will keep your vehicle's appearance by protecting its paint from chipping, scratching on your door handle paint. The protection vinyl film durable, transparent and nearly invisible


  • Genuine 3M Scotch Guard Paint Protector
  • Universal Fit On Most Any Vehicle
  • Self-adhesive, peel and stick
  • Water Resistant
  • Can Be Easily Cleaned With Water
  • Long Lasting
  • Simple to remove. Will leave no damage or residue on surface

Prevent Scuffs

We all know that feeling, the one you get when you scratch your car door or leave key marks on the door handle area. You're in a rush trying to get the door open or the key in the lock. That's when we're most likely to scratch the car door cup area, typically with either your keys or fingernails. Protecting your door cups is fast and simple with our Door Cup Paint Protection.

Damage at the Door Cup

Accident Damage Painting

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, you may only need to have a particular area repainted. Typically, fender benders will usually require the repaint of a bumper, a car door or maybe even a quarter panel. Here is a list of prices you can expect to pay for painting areas commonly damaged in an accident.

1. Bumper painting - $150 to $300

2. Door repaint - $100 to $500

3. Painting of a quarter panel - $150 to $750
4. Hood painting - $200 to $1,000